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YGL Marketing

Why Choose YGL

Do you have a systematic approach to increasing your business?

Do you measure your marketing results?

Do you struggle with how to define your target market and allocate the appropriate resources to ensure optimal ROI?

Do your competitors seem to have the edge in capturing your target market?

We can help. YGL Enterprises provides a customized approach to marketing based on your existing business strategies, as well as exposes untapped opportunities to further a company’s brand in an over-crowded marketplace. We listen and learn about your organization before offering solutions.

At YGL Enterprises, our primary focus is on you, the client. Our approach is to create tailored marketing solutions that are specific to each client’s business, industry and organizational goals. We help you define the right strategy that will serve as the basis for all your tactical marketing decisions. Our goal is to provide you with an integrated marketing strategy that will increase awareness about your product or service and positively impact your bottom line.

Services include:

• Strategic Planning

• Branding

• Internal/External Communication Programs

• Content Marketing

• Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

• Qualitative Market Research – Client Feedback Programs

• Integrated Marketing Programs

• Social Media

• Reputation Management

Contact Us

Contact us or 704-763-4779 to schedule an initial consultation.