“Working together with Yvonne and YGL Enterprises through 2020 has been an excellent experience. Yvonne does a great job at helping to guide clients through the challenges and opportunities that come with digital marketing as well as traditional marketing campaigns, and it’s been clear to me that driving results through a strategic approach is always at the forefront of each engagement. If you’re looking to get a fresh approach to how your business is handling its marketing initiatives, I can highly recommend working together with Yvonne and the team at YGL Enterprises.”

Justin Berg, Founder & President, Rock the Rankings

“Thanks to Yvonne at YGL Marketing for advising me on creating an updated Personal Brand Strategy! Yvonne brought a collaborative and creative approach to help streamline my resume, executive bio and Linked In profile. The consulting I received was current, insightful and helped motivate me to go through a process of self-reflection of my career, accomplishments and future goals. Thank you, Yvonne!”

Niki Simmons – Banking Executive

“When I first engaged Yvonne, I was anxious and wary about investing further business resources into marketing efforts. I had embarked on past marketing campaigns that were absolute failures and a complete waste of company money. My experience in sales ingrained a school of thought that sales and new clients were cultivated through rolling up the sleeves and engaging in sales generating activities day in and day out. As the owner of a business, I couldn’t devote my time in this manner, and found I was yet again wasting time. Yvonne is the perfect fit for our business growth goals not only in her marketing expertise, but the tactful manner that she understands the inner workings of a business. She cares deeply for our success and has never let us down. I now look to Yvonne as more of a business coach than a marketing consultant. The major growth we are experiencing would have never happened without her help. Thank you!”

Kris Harris – President, Crafting Scholars

“Yvonne has been a pleasure to work with. Our firm was founded in 2001 and we now have 21 lawyers, but we have never had more than a haphazard marketing plan, at best. Yvonne helped us develop coherent and consistent strategies for marketing that we simply would never have developed on our own. One of the things that most impressed me about Yvonne’s work was that she did not come to us with a canned marketing plan. She spent significant time talking with all of the lawyers in our firm to gain an understanding of who we are, who are clients are, and our goals in order to help us develop our marketing strategies. She has truly been an asset.”

George Sistrunk – Managing Partner, Hamilton Stephens Steele & Martin, PLLC

“In the fall of 2014, Affinity Automation developed and defined our core values, mission and vision statement. This process identified a need to re-focus our products and services so that we could accomplish our mission. As we rolled in to 2015, it became clear to me that we needed a better defined marketing strategy. In addition, I wanted consistent and clear messaging from our employees as we engaged with existing customers, new opportunities and other industry partners.

I was referred to Yvonne by a business acquaintance in the spring of 2015. Yvonne is an industry veteran and consummate professional as it relates to the development of marketing strategy. I find her listening skills, her attention to detail and her ability to keep her clients on point and accountable to be both refreshing and of tremendous benefit.

Yvonne had an extensive resume working with companies that provide professional services and was able to quickly understand our needs and get us moving in the right direction. Yvonne is also well connected in Charlotte and even managed to get me on to a Business North Carolina round-table, providing me with the opportunity to get some visibility and increase my network.

I consider Yvonne to be an extension of my team and a valued partner and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to get more substance, clarity and priority around their marketing objectives.”

Allan Evora – President and Founder – Affinity Energy, LLC

“Yvonne Levine with YGL Enterprises did a superb job helping to create and fine-tune new marketing plans, practices and policies for my bakery business. She connected Tizzerts with many professionals to assist with these plans as well, making the execution seamless and quite effective. Yvonne was goal-oriented, prompt, diligent, positive and resourceful throughout the project time spent with Tizzerts. I would recommend Yvonne highly!”

Tiz Benson – President, Tizzerts

“Yvonne worked as a consultant with the Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte to understand the demand and positioning of a potential academic program. As part of that work, Yvonne conducted in-depth interviews with senior executives and provided an excellent, unbiased and insightful analysis of the discussions. I highly recommend Yvonne. It was a pleasure to work with her. She was very professional, an important factor for conducting interviews with important stakeholders.”

Christie Amato – Emeritus Professor of Marketing, Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte

“Yvonne was brought on to the Mecklenburg County Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service Committee as a marketing consultant. She has been a pleasure to work with and brings the utmost professionalism to each of our meetings. Not only has she given our members valuable insight into marketing strategies within the legal field but she does it with a smile on her face and a wonderful, positive attitude. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone looking for a marketing and public relations consultant.”

Heather Blackley – Mecklenburg County Bar

“I cannot express enough how much of a pleasure it is to work with Yvonne. Aside from her wonderful personality, she is motivated, open-minded and always focused on providing high quality work for her clients. She has extensive marketing experience, particularly with professional services, and I can rely on her to provide valuable feedback and creative solutions. I strongly endorse Yvonne and look forward to working with her for years to come.”

Sean Kalooky – President, Big Sushi

“Yvonne has assisted the Mecklenburg County Bar with marketing, public relations and securing sponsorships. She has reviewed job descriptions and offered input regarding the market. She is responsive, creative and encourages collaboration. I most certainly endorse both Yvonne and her many talents.”

Nancy Roberson – Executive Director at Mecklenburg County Bar

“Our law firm needed an experienced marketing professional to assist us in developing a coherent marketing plan for the first time in our 8-year history. As a small firm, we aren’t always focused on anything other than what is in front of us on any given day – but Yvonne’s understanding of the legal industry has enabled us as a unit to move forward with plans, ideas and inception when a professional lacking her experience and expertise would probably have found things at a standstill. She is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a true “partner” from a marketing perspective.”

William Bray – Corporate, Transactional, M&A, Sports Lawyer – Founder of Bray & Long

“As a graphic designer, I love working with Yvonne because she always delivers the on-point strategies essential to creating strong marketing communications. She sees the big picture while never losing sight of the details around every project. I would highly recommend her work!”

Karen McElmoyle – Principle/Creative Director, km design

“Yvonne has that incredible balance of calm and passion of intensity and creativity and of drive and empathy. Our successful multi-year experience would not have happened without her range of intelligence and sensitivity. It is very easy to work and reap the benefits of partnering with Yvonne.”

Peter Popovich, Coachsultant – Adjunct Professor at UNC Charlotte

“Working with Yvonne was a great experience for me and our firm. Her organization and communication skills made our work for her much easier. She has a keen marketing mind and is skilled at seeing the big picture. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again!”

Calvin James – Marketing Strategist and Consultant

“I worked with Yvonne for more than five years. She was a “dream client” — always giving us clear direction and reasonable time frames. She has a solid marketing and PR background and is open to trying new things. Yvonne is one of the most organized people I know and is an exceptional project manager. On top of all that, she’s a fun and well-rounded person!”

Lisa Bell – Chief Creative Officer, Tivoli Partners

“Yvonne is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with. She brings experience, organization and dedication to her clients’ needs.”

Ben Kinney – Publisher at Business North Carolina

“In 2012 I was a board member for a local nonprofit.  It was a recently formed agency and as a result we had not spent much time structuring a marketing plan.  As a result, we hired Yvonne Levine to work directly with both our Executive Director and Marketing Committee to formalize a marketing plan including print material, social media utilization, community speaking engagements, publicity events and elevator speeches/quick speaking points for board members and development purposes.  Yvonne met regularly with our ED to coach and monitor her progress.  She also met with each of our board members to insure their personal engagement in the plan and understanding of all marketing initiatives.  Yvonne was also very helpful in introducing us to the right and effective partners we needed to implement the plan.    Yvonne attended all board member meetings during her project time of approximately six months.  She very effectively held our hands through the process of made sure there was unilateral acceptance of our marketing initiatives.  I have since retired from this board, but my understanding is the marketing and development efforts of the organization have never been stronger, due mainly to the plan created and facilitated by Yvonne.  I highly recommend her!”

Doug Smith – Former Board Member, Community Tool Bank of Charlotte