No matter what you need, whether a product or service, you can find it. In fact, today’s consumer can choose from multiple options from multiple sources. Whether your favorite shopping destination is Amazon, eBay, or direct from a company’s website, your options may seem endless.

So what factors tip the scale towards the purchase of your product or service vs. your competitors? At the most basic level, it is the connection the consumer has with your brand. That means that businesses need to pay attention to the “Emotional Connection” if they want to garner loyalty and increase sales.  As humans, we make connections. Whether it is with one person or a company made up of many people, the Brand connection is what sets you apart.

Motista (, the pioneer of Predictive Emotional Connection Intelligence solutions, released a 2018 report that supports this idea of the importance of the Emotional Connection. The report states that “Emotional Connection is the most predictive driving force behind brand purchasing decisions and the long-term loyalty of consumers.”

So, how can you showcase your brand’s unique personality and connect with your audience?

Generic = Forgettable

Don’t be afraid to be unique.

If your brand tries to be everything to everyone, it will quickly get lost in the shuffle. A generic approach blends in with the crowd when what you want to do is stand out. Take a step back and figure out what makes your business different. Is it your commitment to service? How you make your product? Does the value you offer exceed the cost? Your process? As one young entrepreneur pointed out, “If I stopped providing services tomorrow, what would customers miss the most about what I offer?” That’s the key.

Find Your Audience

A BMW is not for everyone. They target a specific type of customer, one who expects premium quality, performance, and luxury. By strategically focusing on the desires of this niche population, BMW is a leader in the luxury automobile industry.

Take a lesson from BMW. Instead of stretching your business thin by trying to capture every possible customer, focus on finding the specific segment you want to target and build a solid relationship. Make sure your marketing strategy is on point and geared toward the lifestyle of your audience. If small business owners or the under-30 crowd aren’t your primary demographic, don’t spend your time and resources trying to appeal to them. Show customers that you are in touch with what matters most to them and foster genuine connections.

Be Authentic

Humanizing your brand is the backbone of a successful marketing strategy. No one likes automated, cut-and-paste replies. If you’re engaging with your audience on social media, be personable and authentic. According to a recent study, “86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.” When you’re creating marketing strategies, mirror what is happening in the real world so that customers can relate and tie those messages back in with your brand. Give your brand value and meaning – show customers what you stand for.

Live Your Brand

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Show, don’t tell,” and this timely adage applies to marketing and branding too. It’s not enough to tell people what your brand stands for; you have to live it and incorporate it into everything you do. You want to send a consistent message that spans all of your channels. Reinforce what you say through what you do so that customers see your mission and vision being carried out 24/7, not just when the pressure is on.

Be Confident

Don’t be afraid to buck the trend and be true to what your business represents. Customers want to see this dedication. You may lose a few customers here and there, but staying true to your core beliefs will attract a more loyal following. Take the time to develop a clear vision and strategy for your brand, but make sure it is true and authentic. Ask yourself, “Would you want to do business with your organization?”

If you’re struggling to put a human touch on your business and make personal connections, YGL Enterprises can help. We’ll work with you to find your brand voice and build a marketing strategy that meets your needs and those of your customers.  We offer focused strategy, so your marketing solutions are realized. Contact us today to learn more.