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YGL Marketing

How to Energize your Small Business Marketing

September 12th, 2016 by Yvonne Levine

Small business is the backbone of our economy. notes that 28 million small businesses account for 54% of all U.S. sales. Unfortunately, many of those businesses fail due to a lack of a well-defined marketing strategy. Developing a solid marketing plan that includes social media, public relations and brand development is essential to any business, large or small, brick & mortar or on-line.  To get started, consider incorporating these marketing tips into your business plan:

  • Embrace social media. If you aren’t familiar with how the major platforms work, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, take the time to learn. YouTube has numerous how-to videos to assist you in learning the basics of social media.
  • Identify where and how your target audience searches for your product or service. Not every social media channel will provide the same “boost” when marketing your wares.
  • Invest in a professional-looking website. Everyone searches on-line. Consumers expect businesses to project a polished image and relevant customer-oriented information on their website.
  • Provide information that your customer wants and needs, not what you think they want to hear.
  • Recognize the value of market research. Research provides insights into your customers’ buying habits, economic trends and changes in the legal landscape, which ultimately affects your sales and ROI.
  • Appreciate that marketing costs money. Effective marketing will provide a solid return. Develop a marketing budget and re-evaluate on a regular basis.
  • Network! Network! Network! Attend professional association events where your target audience is likely to attend. Ask questions. Listen.
  • Just because you meet someone once, does not mean they are ready to buy. Recognize the stages of the Buyer’s Journey and craft your marketing and sales tactics, accordingly.
  • Be authentic. Today’s consumer can instantly educate himself on a brand and its key competitors. Review sites abound. Therefore, transparency, honesty and a consistent focus on creating a positive customer experience will elevate loyalty and extend brand awareness.