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YGL Marketing


In today’s social media world, content is king. Why is content important? Because buyers are more educated than ever before. They expect truth and transparency when seeking information about a product or service. Businesses that embrace this concept and align their messaging with the mission and vision of their organization will succeed in capturing the interest and loyalty of their target market.

At YGL Enterprises, we guide and counsel our clients on how to create compelling content. Likely, much of your content already exists. We help you tell your “authentic story.” A story based on your customers’ interests and desires. We help you develop persuasive content by first identifying and evaluating key business units within and outside your organization, e.g., senior leadership, employees, external partners, etc. that have a unique perspective on your customer base, as well as your business. We then suggest the right venues for sharing that information, which may include:

• Website

• Videos

• White papers

• Webinars

• Email campaigns and

• Other key social media outlets – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook